IPhone 6s screen repair in Bournemouth

So while in Bournemouth recently I needed to get my phone repaired fast! I have an Iphone 6s, the screen was damaged and I needed it fixed!

The problem I had was finding a decent repair service, as mentioned in the past I have used the services of the repair village website!

This case was no different! after a few minutes I found somewhere that was able to repair my IPhone 6s screen repair in Bournemouth.

I cannot recommend this website enough. It has saved me now on a number of occasions. Fast! Trusted! Simple!


Welcome to TechZim the best place for all things tech!


This is my new blog where I will be exploring all things Tech starting with my most loved devices … Smartphones

I am a full time web developer and have always loved tech I have decided to start this blog to give my views based on my own experience.

I will be reiving websites, gadgets and of course I will be taking about my favourite programing languages.

For now let’s look at the top 8 Mobile phones in the UK today

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7
  2. OnePlus
  3. LG G5
  4. Motorola Moto X Force.
  5. iPhone 7 Plus.
  6. Moto G4 2016.
  7. Google Pixel.
  8. Samsung Galaxy J5.

Who knew that in 2016 the IPhone would no longer reign supreme?

I myself have actually moved away from the IPhone in recent years and have opted for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The one problem I have found with this is that fact that the Samsung’s can be quite prices to repair!

When I needed repairs for my IPhones I could find reasonably prices repair services in my area, however that does not seem to be the case for my current phone. I did manage to find a cool website for finding good deals on mobile phone repairs. It’s called Repair Village its only current based in Bournemouth and Poole area but it’s really good. Its lists all the repair shops in the area who cover the type of repair, how much it costs where it is etc, very easy to use and if you ever need your phone repaired this is the first place I would check. As far as websites go I think this is one to watch in 2017 if they expand out of Bournemouth and to the rest of the UK (Which I think would be very possible) I for one would defiantly buy shares!

I digress, the OnePlus has boomed on to the market and provide a very good smartphone for the price. I am very surprised that Googles own Pixel has not made higher on this list however I think that in 2017 it will, it boasts some amazing specs and being a Google phone comes with tons of features.

I did not think much of the LG but do feel that the Samsung J5 is awesome for the price.

If you have any views or would like to share anything tech related feel free to get in touch.

Until my next post… Stay techie.